We are a group of tour guides and drivers, who
have got their expertise through years of work for the most important five star hotels in Chile (Carrera, Sheraton, Grand Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Marriot, etc.), and tour agencies in Santiago and throughout Chile.

During this time we have realized that tourists got, just an average service and we knew the reasons why. People planning the tours, suggesting restaurants and hotels never got in touch with the tourist and their real interests, which in our case; it is just what we have been doing for a long time.

This is why we know we can offer you what you really want to get in Chile. Supported by a fleet of modern vehicles and professional tour guides, we are your real choice to know our country.

All tours can be adapted (as far as possible) to your likes. If you get to know Chile with us, you will leave this remote part of the world with the taste that you finally saw much more than expected and willing to come back in the near future to see what you could not on your first visit. This is our guarantee.

Tour descriptions will be fulfilled and every change will be informed in advance. If you can not visit the museums you want to because it is Monday and they are all closed, we will replace that visit for anything else you may like to see.

Come to see Chile with us, we bet you that your experience with us will be the best you can get down here.

See you!!!